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We at hph Halmburger & Kampf help you to find your way through the jungle of tax and commercial law, protect you from possible pitfalls and work out alternatives particularly with a focus on your financials and taxes.


hph Halmburger & Kampf provides any service required by our clients, from tax advice over payroll accounting to balance sheet accounting.


Lawyers at hph Halmburger & Kampf are professionals in commercial and corporate law, in the law of succession and inheritance, in tax and in criminal law relating to tax offenses.


As public accountants we analyze the data of your company. We review your bookkeeping and accounting, the correctness of the statements and thereby provide a realistic picture of the situation of your company.


As Tax advisors and Auditors at hph Halmburger & Kampf, we have been analyzing company data from various industries for 40 years. In the course of time, one gets an eye for where to find the keys for the success of a company.

International Tax

At hph Halmburger & Kampf we have gathered many years of experience through our globally operating clients and a network of consulting businesses in all important major economies.

Succession and Estate Planning

We help you to prepare the succession in such a way as to exhaust all the tax options available and so that all parties involved shall profit.

Real Estate

One should always see real estate and take a decision on the purchase and sale of real estate in the general context of the tax, legal and its economic impact.

Renewable Energies

As future-oriented company we believe in renewable energies and support all those with words and deeds who invest in such technologies.


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