Succession and Estate Planning


The chambers of craft and trade as well as the entrepreneurs’ associations have been talking about a “succession jam”: In the next years lots of enterprises need to change hands. Even if you feel that you are at the height of your creative power, it is important to deal with this subject before you come under time pressure.

We help you to prepare the succession in such a way as to exhaust all the tax options available and so that all parties involved shall profit.

A well managed succession secures you better conditions with your bank, the confidence of your staff and avoids for instance the collision of inheritance rules with the partnership or shareholder structure of your enterprise. Making arrangements at an early stage, any inheritance tax and compensatory payments can be taken into account in your liquidity planning in time so as to avoid squeezes. We point out the best solutions to you on the basis of your data and advise you with regard to any contracts and provisions which may be necessary.

Wealth planning is about going the optimal way for all parties. In this respect, we can advise you with regard to

  • Providing for your private wealth
  • Forming and executing your will
  • Distributing your estate
  • Structuring your wealth