Lawyers at hph Halmburger & Kampf are professionals in commercial and corporate law, in the law of succession and inheritance, in tax and in criminal law relating to tax offenses. Our lawyers have a profound economic understanding and are at your service if you have to take decisive decisions.

Justice must always be created and administered first – injustice largely occurs by itself.

Our goal is to put your project on a solid basis.

We advise our clients in all legal matters keeping an eye on their tax or economic implications. Individuals as well as enterprises are expected to operate within the legal framework. Goes without saying, the legal situation is not easy to understand if you are not a qualified legal expert.

Close examination of a broad range of matters can prevent our clients from experiencing problems and losses: e.g. where shareholders, partners or companies are involved or where an inheritance with the necessary provisions for succession is at issue; or where activities abroad or the acquisition of a company or real estate are involved. You can also count on our competent assistance, where you may have to fight for your right through the courts or through arbitration proceedings.

The questions arising for our clients are manifold and, in most cases, also affect additional management questions. That’s why our interdisciplinary approach with short communication channels proves to be particularly important – that’s how we can offer you reliable advice while we keep in mind your interests and priorities.

A short excerpt of our legal services for you:

  • Representation in any tax-related proceedings, in tax courts as well as well as proceedings with tax authorities.
  • Drafting self-accusations of tax evasion and other regularization documents)
  • Drafting tax optimized contracts
  • Drafting articles of association and incorporation as well as Standard Terms
  • Accompanying M&A transactions
  • Developing solutions for restructuring and reorganization
  • Developing project and funds structures
  • Drafting terms of succession and inheritance, in particular wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Additional legal related services upon request