Rules and regulations, numbers and analyses and proper conclusions resulting from this are our world. That’s where we know our way around and where we have proven our expertise in the previous decades. We do not forget that there are people and companies, courage and visions, fates as well as successes and failures behind these numbers.

The most difficult to understand in this world is the income tax.

We put our competence, our manpower, our commitment and our creativity at our clients’ disposal. In doing so, we clearly tell you what works and what does not. We develop strategies, we are looking for the best ways, and we build a firm foundation for companies. We support our clients in achieving all their goals, where our values so permit. We do not leave one stone unturned in order to solve problems or, even better, to steer clear of them.

By giving advice and providing service, we contribute to our clients’ success. That’s what our team at hph Halmburger & Kampf stands for.