About us


Let’s talk about money

Our work consists of pointing out saving potential to you, which is to save money, where possible and to advise you in a way that your money is well and safely invested. Moreover, we develop strategic options for action with you, of course, again with the goal to optimize your fortune, your assets.

As private client as well as entrepreneur you want to know the fees for our services. This depends on the type of service you require, whether it’s legal, economic or tax advice. In principal our fee schedule is as follows.

Initial consultation

Where the client is a consumer, the Act on the Remuneration of Attorneys-at-Law as well as the Tax Advisors’ Fee Schedule prescribe a fee of 190 EUR net for a first consultation in legal and tax related matters respectively. During this initial consultation we analyze your issue as well as the legal, tax and economic environment. We give you first indications of what a solution could look like and point out, how we can help in your case.

Fees based on working time

As a general rule, we charge our fees time based. We will find a specialist for your particular case in our team. Our specialists have different hourly rates.

  • Ongoing day to day accounting from 65 to 95 EUR
  • Ongoing day to day tax advice from 140 to 190 EUR
  • Audit from 160 to 250 EUR
  • Legal Advice from 190 to 250 EUR

These prices are to be understood plus VAT and (actual) expenses. For our clients we keep invoicing transparently on an hourly basis by providing a detailed work report.

Statutory Rules for Remuneration

In certain cases, the law provides for statutory remuneration, which shall be billed on the basis of the value of the subject matter.

Flat fee

Where we have longtime relationships with clients, we provide advice in return for a flat fee. Prerequisite for such a flat fee agreement is, of course, that the work load can be estimated in advance.

As a general rule, we would like you to address the fees issue openly, so as to avoid any subsequent irritation. As tax and business consultants we pass a great deal of time to look after our clients’ money. This requires trust and transparency on both sides and we therefore foster such trust and transparency when the issue comes to remuneration for our advice.