As Tax advisors and Auditors at hph Halmburger & Kampf, we have been analyzing company data from various industries for 40 years. In the course of time, one gets an eye for where to find the keys for the success of a company.
You as entrepreneur have the idea and the expertise for your product, we as financial and tax experts put your project on a solid basis.

  • We help you with setting up your business and advise on the right legal form for your business.
  • We advise you regarding the best financing and find the respective public funding.
  • We prepare you well for negotiations with your bank.
  • We help you target, control and monitor the success of your company.
  • We analyze your data and show you where and how to take the necessary management steps.
  • We help you, if your company needs restructuring.

Even the best ideas need a solid financial basis, so that they do not fail, before they conquer the market.

Our consulting services for you:

  • Preparing negotiations with banks
  • Organizational consulting
  • Project and company funding (Basel III)
  • Start-up consulting
  • Choosing the right legal form
  • Investment planning rich in content
  • Developing a beneficial funding blueprint
  • Profitability accounting and business assessments
  • Additional consulting related services

We can arrange for business contacts through our network (banks, investors, business angels etc.)