Since 1968 tax services are our daily bread. Our clients benefit from the expert knowledge hph Halmburger & Kampf has gained over this period.

hph Halmburger & Kampf provides any service required by our clients, from tax advice over payroll accounting to balance sheet accounting.

A man cannot appreciate the meaning of loneliness until he is forgotten by the tax authorities.

Tax is an exciting subject for us in which we engage all our passion and energy, creativity and know how. Thanks to our 40 year history, we hardly know all challenges in the tax environment.

Our tax services for you:

  • Filing tax returns
  • Preparing annual financial statements for commercial and tax balance sheet purposes
  • Advising on tax optimization regarding all types of taxes highlighting tax implications to facilitate your decision-making-process
  • Advising on international tax matters (e.g. tax optimization of multinational company structures and/or cross-border services and deliveries)
  • Providing transaction tax services (e.g. tax due diligence, acquisition and financing structures, tax clause advice in SPAs)
  • Advising reorganizations and restructurings of companies and/or affiliated groups
  • Supporting set-up of projects and funds structures in the renewable energy sector
  • Defending your position against tax authorities
  • Bringing tax appeals to court and accompanying tax proceedings
  • Assisting in tax or social security audits
  • Optimizing inheritance tax issues; succession and wealth planning
  • Providing tailor-made inheritance tax models
  • Supporting implementation of tax risk control and tax risk management systems
  • Implementing tax compliant structures in business processes
  • Representing your interests in tax, criminal law proceedings (self accusation of tax evasion)
  • Supporting financial accounting
  • Assisting payroll accounting
  • Supporting general accounting
  • Additional tax related services


In all areas of international taxes and implementation of cross-border acquisition and finance structures we closely cooperate with well-known tax advisors and lawyers abroad. We have built a reliable network in the last couple of years.